Here's my Widow Maker bike for the past three years ... minus the reflector and with a different set of wheels.
Somehow, I picked up a nasty calf strain this week. I guess training for half-marathons doesn’t totally agree with me. It’s too bad, because I’d had a pretty solid spate of training up until then.

Since I couldn’t run, I took the mountain bike out for a ride. I wound up putting in 1:45:00 on the bike, give or take, and climbing the longest road hill in this area. It didn’t help that the wind at the summit was blowing 20 mph, and it also didn’t help that my mountain bike is currently set up for slow-ness. At the moment, my setup includes platform pedals, an aluminum handlebar, bar-ends, and a few other ’90s-era modifications.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I’m building up a mountain bike for the express purpose of taking on the Widow Maker in September. So I have all of my light stuff sitting with my new lightweight frame.

But I was browsing pictures today, and I came across the ones you see next to this post.

Rear view
Minus a couple of details, that setup has come along for a few serious adventures—countless hours on the local trails, two trips up Rendezvous Mountain, three Widow Maker Hill Climbs, rides in the winter snow, you name it.

(sigh) Call me a sentimental, but a look at that thing brings back a lot of good memories.


2 thoughts on “BattleCat

  1. Yeah, maybe you’re right. I dunno, I already have most of the parts collected for my build, so I figure I might as well finish it. I can always change back to the BattleCat later if I like.

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