Mildly Enthused

In the parking lot of Pearl Street Bagels on my way to a meeting with Mount Glory
It’s hard to get excited about things when you’ve just come away from a disappointment. It’s also kind of hard to discard the disappointment entirely. I guess, to some degree, you find yourself carrying those up the mountain with you. Such is life.

Nonetheless, here I am: excited about riding my bicycle up another very steep road. Trouble is, I’ve thoroughly demolished myself every week since my little Snowbird let down.

The first weekend after, I went to my favorite fireroad. Don’t ask me to tell you how to get there. The only times I’ve ever ridden it with other people on that trail have been when I’ve invited them, and I wouldn’t mind if it stayed that way. It doesn’t hurt that the trail is currently cut off from the road by a rather daunting ravine … Anyway, I went to the trail and, despite bouncing on a rock and having to walk on one of the mere 20% sections, I managed to ride up the entire 25–30% section at the top, one steep pitch after another after another. Yeah, I still need to go back and try again to do it without walking.

The weekend after that, I visited Sunnyside, the local hill in my area. I didn’t start from the official time trial start area, so I don’t know how my time would’ve compared to my best (I’ve ridden the TT in 28:34), but it wouldn’t have been pretty anyway. There was chip seal everywhere, and I kept hearing rocks bounce against my downtube (bloomin’ chip seal!). The section I did have my computer on for took me longer than I would’ve liked.

Neither of these things in and of themselves would’ve smoked me completely, but on both weekends, I also added some time doing hill running repeats. The last set of them left my butt and hips feeling pretty sore—not to mention my quads and calves.

This week, provided things work out, I’m going to visit a place I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about: Teton Pass. My expectations are nonexistent. I think I’ll have the fatigue out of my legs by then, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m just excited to be going back. That’s such an awesome place to ride a bike.

That’s why I have this facetious title for my blog today. I’m a little more than mildly enthused. I’m downright ecstatic. I can’t wait. I found myself thinking, “Is it really only TUESDAY?!!” at work today. It’s pathetic. Heaven help the people who have to be around me for the next three days.


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