My “Palmares”

I was browsing some pro cyclist’s web site not that long ago when I came across his “palmares”—his race results that have mattered over the years. I thought it’d be sorta fun to look back on my own.

So forgive me if this seems arrogant, but here are my top-10 results from over the years:


1st place – American Dog Derby “celebrity” dogsled race (no, seriously)

1st place – College Triathlon – relay team and overall

2005 (keep moving; nothing to see here)


1st place – Kelly Canyon Challenge MTB race – beginner

6th place – 12 Hours of the E100 – duo division


8th place – Legacy Hop Into Spring Triathlon – 25–29 age group

4th place – ICE Idaho Falls Time Trial (flat)

7th place – Share a Smile Triathlon – 20-29 age group


4th place – Fourth Street Clinic Triathlon – relay team


1st place – Wydaho MTB race – beginner

3rd place – Widow Maker Hillclimb – 30–39 age group


8th place – Spring Sprint Triathlon – 30–34 age group

1st place – Powder Mountain Hillclimb – Cat 5

5th place – Widow Maker Hillclimb – 30–39 age group

3rd place – Wish Walk Run 5k (overall)

So, on the one hand, I’ve obviously done a little bit of sandbagging. Well, what do you do after the fact, right? On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve done too bad for a guy who was brand-new to endurance sports six years ago (I did my first 5k running race in 2005).

The other thing I realize looking at this is that 2010 wasn’t such a bad year. I was thinking it didn’t go so hot, but now that I look at it, I had more top 10 places than ever this year. Go me.


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