Off to the races

All right, so I haven’t written a blog in, well, forever! My bad. Life’s been busy. And then there’s Facebook. What can I say? I don’t get a lot of blog visits these days whether I write or not. But I figured I might as well post an update.

I did a triathlon. Yep, me. Seriously. Swimming. Not kidding. In fact, an unusual thing happened in the swim: I actually caught my brother-in-law, who’s been swimming his entire life. Okay, you’re thinking "big deal–get over it," but when you take into account that I’ve been swimming only since I turned 25 … which I guess is sort of true of cycling too, now that I think about it … well, anywho, I was really proud of myself. I was even more proud that I came out looking like a studly swimmer in my wife’s photos. See:

[Queue Jaws soundtrack here] Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water …

Here’s me making the catch. Swim, bro-in-law, swim for your life!

The funny part was that my brother-in-law actually did freak out when he realized I was catching him. He even kicked me as he ducked under the lane line to begin his next lap. In the end, I think I was listed as having a swim that was 6 seconds faster than his. I don’t think he liked that much.

Next, of course, was my favorite part: the bike. I promptly ditched my brother-in-law after transition and then caught my other brother-in-law a couple of miles into the bike on the first climb (he’d started his swim a few minutes before I had) and then caught my other brother-in-law on the way up the second climb. I didn’t even recognize the last bro-in-law because he just looked like one of the dozens of cyclists struggling to turn the pedals up the climb. I wound up scoring the 21st fastest bike split out of 276 competitors, I should mention, which was actually a bit of a letdown for me (I’ve never been lower than top 15 at a triathlon before — I blame my lack of aerobars this time).

Here’s a nice glute shot. Man, it almost looks like I have some meat on my bones this year. Must be the snowshoeing.

The run was actually hillier than I expected, which was a good thing since I’d done nothing but run hills in preparation for that leg of the race. Forgive me, but I think I’ve decided I don’t care for running on flat ground … or downhill, but that’s beside the point. The run actually ended quite a bit sooner than I anticipated, and my sister-in-law’s GPS said it was closer to 2.5 miles. But hey, I’m happy to claim a 21-minute 5k split off the bike. (In my dreams!)

Evidently, I smile right before I throw up.

So that was the triathlon. It was a hoot, honestly. I think it’s more fun to do races with other people so you can commiserate after the fact. Race stories make for a good time, y’know?

So what’s next on the race horizon? I dunno. I have a race I’d like to do, but I don’t know if it’s all going to come together. If it does, it’ll be the steepest road hillclimb I’ve ever done–real Monte Zoncolan stuff. We’ll see what happens.

Over and out!


3 thoughts on “Off to the races

  1. Boz

    Nice job, you look fit in that run shot. Seems like tri\’s are in vogue these days, and I would like to have a go at one if it weren\’t for this aching knee. I guess I could talk the run part!

  2. Zed

    I think I am sorta fit right now. Yeah, everybody\’s doing triathlons. I try not to take them too seriously, since I\’m still a "developing" swimmer. Maybe you could walk the run. It\’s only a 5k in a sprint triathlon, after all.

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