I made my own YouTube video!

Whoop-dee-do for me, right? Well, my HD masterpiece was reduced to this when all was said and done:


2 thoughts on “I made my own YouTube video!

  1. Boz

    "Stunning" " Visually Brilliant" "A Masterpiece of Epic Proportion!" " A New Star On The Horizon" I like the fact that you have all that beauty nearby. We are both lucky to live in areas with 4 seasons along with stunning vistas to enjoy. Snow shoeing is a gas, I just may go this afternoon.

  2. Zed

    Hey thanks, Boz. I\’ll make sure to mention you in my Oscar award speech.Have a good snowshoe session. We won\’t have snowshoeing weather for much longer here, so I\’ve got to get out at least one more time myself.

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