The Workout of a LIFETIME!

Pic from Park City’s snowshoeing trip. Yes, I’m still a little behind on snowshoeing media.

So I went snowshoeing again on Saturday. Alone. Everybody I called to join in had something going already. No matter, I usually work out alone anyway.

I planned a lengthy hike—Cole’s Climbs, the Slot, the Connector and then, finally, the Repeater, a trail I’d been looking forward to since I first spotted it on the map. Speaking of which, here’s the map:


Hope that link actually works.

Anyway, Cole’s Climb was a pretty steamin’ workout. I got to the top feeling hot (despite the temps being in the fahrenheit teens) and then hiked my way over to the Slot. The Slot, I’ve decided, may be one of the prettier trails out there. It’s all singletrack, and it’s rather tortuous (winding, if you prefer). It’s a gradual descent, but it seems like it would make a fun climb since it’s so enclosed by the forest. Very pretty.

The Connector may be the most underrated hike out there. It rolls along the hillside, up and down, before dumping you out at the foot of the Repeater. Again, it’s very insulated by the trees and therefore pretty.

Repeater, on the other hand, was a killer. I got there, and the trail was uncut. Yep, no one had touched it in what appeared to have been a very long time. There was just a slight depression in the snow where it appears the trail once was. So it was up to me to cut it.

I got going slowly—go figure. Every footstep was like walking in quicksand. (Not that I would know what that really feels like.) My legs, which were already tired out from Cole’s Climbs and the Connector, were getting thrashed again and again. Plucking my feet out of the snow was a hip-flexor/ab workout. Digging back in was a killer on my quads, soleus, glutes, etc.

And the worst part was that even after the killer climb, there was more uncut trail. So even though things flattened out, there was no respite. Pluck, dig, plug, dig, pluck, dig, pluck, dig … by the time I reached the top of the hill, I’d been away from my car for an hour and 40 minutes, and I still probably had another half hour to go. Fortunately, the last half of my last half hour (that’s 15 minutes for the mathematically challenged) would be spent descending my favorite trail, which, in the winter time, is a groomed alpine trail. I’d have to dodge downhill skiers and snowboarders, but it would be nothing like the workout I experienced on the other side of the hill.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve primarily been a cyclist lately, or perhaps it’s because snowshoeing has such a high strength component to it, but this little snowshoe excursion wupped me like nothing I’ve done lately. At home, during a brief TV watching moment, I realized my arms were shaking. I woke up the next morning with more fatigue in my thighs than I’ve felt from any other endurance workout. I got a nap in yesterday and still dozed off quickly last night.

And, yes, I’m psyched to go do it again this Saturday!!


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