(Here’s a completely unrelated photo from the Canadian Rockies.)

All right. I haven’t posted anything in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting on my rumpus eating greasy potato chips. Actually, I’ve been having a BLAST!

This past summer, I bought a set of Crescent Moon snowshoes at a used gear sale. I’ve tried out a few different snowshoes (via rental) over the years—usually Atlas, but sometimes Tubbs. Thus far, the Crescent Moons are my favorites, although, I must confess, I discovered I actually bought a set of women’s shoes (that just happen to have the same frame shape as their running snowshoe). Now that I’ve had a chance to break them in, I don’t think I’d buy any other set.

Anyway, back to the story, I’ve been waiting all summer and fall to put these clawed wonders to work. When my family decided to visit the ski slopes, I’d take my snowshoes up the backcountry trails—or so my plan went. It worked out perfectly. We met my family in Park City over the Christmas holiday, and I tackled a few trails on the Round Valley loop and on the Spiro side of the Canyons Resort. Then we met my wife’s family in Ogden Canyon where my brother-in-law (who also serendipitously found himself with a set of snowshoes this winter) joined me for a hike up a mountain outside Snowbasin Resort.

Now, we’re back in Idaho, where, to my surprise, I live within a half hour of some more exceptional, twisty, tight snowshoe trails. And while I’m hoping all of this snowshoeing will help me get in shape for riding a bike in the summer, I’m really just enjoying hitting the snowshoe trails—clawing my way up the hillside, working through the trees as the occasional gust of wind knocks snow off the branches, and then reaching the overlooks and vistas to see the azure, purple-ish mountains in the distance.

The views have been spectacular …

… which, as usual, means I forgot to bring a camera. I don’t know why I keep doing that, but I’ve left the camera behind for a lot of my adventures lately—hiking trip in the Tetons with the church youth this past summer, bike race up Snowbird Resort in the fall, now snowshoeing. Still, I feel like a bit of a bonehead for missing the view at the overlook by Snowbasin. That was really a gorgeous trail.Yes, I feel like a dunce for that. Thank heaven the local trails aren’t going anywhere. 

So I guess that’s my New Year’s resolution: to take a camera with me when I know I’m going to see gorgeous mountains. We’ll see how I do.


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