Delusions destroyed

Yep, now that I’ve announced my athletic intentions to the entire world (I’m so sure there are so many people reading this, too), went home last night with a sore knee. So instead of running, I went to bed. This morning, I got up and jumped on the bike trainer for 20 minutes. Guess what: That hurt too. But I still did it.

So yeah, I’m injured. Already. One week in. How? Well, I’m pretty sure it resulted from running up and down this hill in my neighborhood on Tuesday, the day after my little running time trial. I can’t seem to run two days in a row without getting hurt. I need to remind myself of that fact from time to time (when I start getting delusions of invincibility).

Then, to top it off, Joe Friel posted this little gem on his blog this morning. Let me give you the cliff notes version: If you’ve been injured or sick (check and check) in the 12 weeks (check) before your big race, forget about achieving peak performance.

I can’t lie; I’ve been feeling a little frustrated about this today. But, you know, I think it all comes down to my race policy: Do what you can with what you have. Whatever fitness I can accumulate by race day will have to do. Whether that qualifies me for the sub-20 is only partially in my control.


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