I’m at the end of my injury … but which end? I’m not sure

Tomorrow is the big footrace. I’m not a runner, and I know that. But that’s all the more reason for me to get trained up for tomorrow’s race. So I ran hills, lots of hills in preparation. I did my first trail run (remind me to do a little report on that sometime—trail running rocks!), I did many many 6 a.m. runs, and then, last week, I did a run that was just a bit too much. How far did I run? I don’t know—it lasted perhaps an hour and 15 minutes. And I came back demolished.

When I got back from that run, during which I was a bit dehydrated, everything hurt. Everything. So I figured I’d take some days off running and let my body get back to normal. But when the soreness wore off, my calf was still aching a little. Nonetheless, I went for another run on Saturday.

I made it all of 30 feet.

I felt this stabbing pain in my calf and realized I needed to take a little more time off running. So, all week, I’ve been icing and resting. No running and no cycling either. I did a short, possibly a mile run yesterday, and I didn’t feel the injury. But I did feel a bit slow. Needless to say, I’m a little worried about how flat I’m going to feel tomorrow morning.

My course is 5 miles, 1,200 feet of elevation gained with very little flat along the way. I like to run uphill—much more than running on flat roads anyway. But I’m worried about tomorrow. I’ve even thought about backing out.

Right now, the plan is to run. How that’ll affect the rest of my summer sport season, I’ll find out later.


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