Saddle time … please!

So, I haven’t been riding.

I have a running race coming up in two weeks, and if I wanted to, I’m pretty sure I could use that as my excuse for not riding. But that’s not really the reason.

I could claim to be sick and tired of riding my bike, but that wouldn’t be true either. Truth be known, I want to ride, but I can’t seem to squeeze it in.

I even went for a ride at 6 a.m. earlier this week just so I could get some pedaling time. Why 6 a.m.? Because that’s really the only time I could find on the schedule when I wouldn’t get hammered by a thunderstorm!

Yep, that’s right. For the entire month of June, it seems, our area is getting nailed with thunderstorms, which means running is okay, but if you want to ride your bike you’ll have to live with some rain damage. Me? I don’t ride in the rain anymore. I used to really like it, but I got a little sick of dealing with the maintenance involved. I’d always seem to come back with a gritty chain (even after I lubed it) or some other bike malady that made me think riding in the rain just isn’t warranted. For every hour I’d ride, I’d spend two trying to get my bike back to normal.

So I’m not doing it. I refuse.

But I’m getting so itchy for a ride that I’m doing all kinds of weird stuff: running uphill just to get that burning feeling in my quads, sitting on my bike(s) instead of using the couch, packing my mountain bike in the back seat of my car just in case I get a chance to actually ride outside.

It’s getting old. Fast.

So today, I’m doing the unthinkable. Yep, I’m going to go hook my road bike up to the trainer. In June.


3 thoughts on “Saddle time … please!

  1. Tim D

    Riding regularly round here means riding in the rain. I think I swam home the other day rather than rode. I wouldn\’t have been any wetter if I\’d thrown myself in the sea.

  2. Boz

    We\’ve been lucky in that we\’ve had little hard rain and thunder storms, but its been cold. I had a base layer and long sleeve jersey on for Thursday\’s group ride. Many were in tights and arm warmers. In June. Not right, not right at all. Today, though, I rode in a thunder storm ( for a short time ) and packed it in early. I\’d rather have the cold than a dangerous storm.

  3. Zed

    Wow, Tim, so this is a permanent quest for you, eh? Hey, at least you\’ll be ready for the swim part of those triathlons.Boz, I\’m crossing my fingers. There are rumors of a dry spell coming up, but it\’s probably just wishful thinking.

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