Hit the Gym!

Again, here’s something I wrote for work that I can’t really see being published (at least not any time soon). I’ve done a little editing for blog purposes, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same. Enjoy!

According to Dr. Miriam Nelson of Tufts University, “The average individual is losing a quarter of a pound of muscle every year starting in his or her late 30s or early 40s,” she said. “Yet we know that if we strength train—even once or twice a week—into our 70s, 80s or 90s, we don’t lose any muscle.”

Strength training, she said, can help people maintain bone density, keep higher metabolic rates, improve balance, reduce injuries and improve their cholesterol profiles. It’s even a factor in staving off depression and type II diabetes. If you haven’t already started, it’s time to hit the weights.

• Strength train at couple of times a week in addition to your 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise.
• Recover with a meal that supplies essential proteins (meat is preferable).
• If you can’t afford a gym membership, buy some weights or stretch cords and do your own strength routine at home.
• Use your own bodyweight for resistance; do pushups, pull-ups, and bodyweight squats.


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