Okay, I forgot to write about this when it happened last week because I was so shocked by it. I really hadn’t considered the possibility that our work relay team might not get into LOTOJA. I mean, after all, we had jerseys ordered for this thing.

But on Friday, May 1st, the email came, and it had bad news. We got shafted. Despite having two solo race finishers on our team, we got shafted. OH, THE HORROR! But between you and me, that wasn’t what I thought when I saw the news. In fact, that’s not even close. Rather, the first thought to go through my head when I read that we’d gotten the shaft was, "SWEET! I’m off the hook! I can do whatever races I want this summer! Huzzah!"

Seriously, that’s what I thought. (Truth be known, I can’t stand races that require you to register four or five months in advance—that’s just ridiculous.)

My second thought was different, however. It was more along the lines of, "Oh carp [not a spelling error], I just talked a guy out of doing this race solo so he could do it with me on this relay team, and we didn’t get in. He’s going to be ticked!" See, I’d persuaded my teammate (also one of my bosses) to do the relay team under the reasoning that we’d be able to actually compete as a relay team, whereas he’d just be finishing the race as a soloist. And now, we got left out of his favorite race. Ouch.

Trouble is, I was out of town for a week after I got the email. I had no idea whether I’d come back and get fired or whether this guy would hate my guts, etc. So I had a week to stew over that. And, sure enough, when I came to work on Monday morning, the first place I went was his office. I was surprised to find him extremely cheerful. In fact, he seemed to be handling the news very well. I’m sure it helped that he’d just purchased a new road bike that cost him more than my car cost me, and that it had just arrived in the mail. I s’pose I’d be happy too.

So, in this cheerful atmosphere, I decided to find out how he was handling the rejection. Was he ticked? Upset? Surprised?

"Oh yeah, I wasn’t happy when I got the news."

"Shoot," I said, "sorry for talking you out of doing it solo."

"It’s okay. Actually, I found a way into the race through the back door."

"How’s that?"

"I just had to donate ($$monetary amount here) to this charity, and they let me register."

"So you got in?"


Good for him.


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