Just two hours ago, I was riding out of the saddle up the steepest climb in this area. I was so weak, I used my granny gear—yes, even out of the saddle. I only rode 40 miles today, and the climbs (the ones I could substantiate, anyway) only rose about 2,200 feet. But ouch, did it hurt by the end.

I think part of the reason it ended up being so tough was because of the way it was divided up. It started out, after the first two miles, as a long, slow climb with a gradual gradient rising between 1,500 and 1,700 feet from the valley floor in 9 or 10 miles (this is the climb that is now out my back door). Next came rolling hills into a headwind (natch) near the Wolverine Canyon windmill farm. Then, there was a five-mile crosswind descent dropping 1,500 feet. Then a rolling hill time trial for maybe three miles, followed by two more miles to my house (some in a headwind), where my wife informed me that I could ride a little longer. So what came next was a flat, windy aerobic time trial out in the valley floor for about seven miles out and five miles back in. Then I took a side road to my favorite local climb, which basically amounts to about 600 feet of climbing (on the paved section anyway) in a little more than a mile. That’s where I did my out-of-the-saddle work. Then, of course, I followed it up by riding home as fast as I darnwell could.

Maybe it was all that starting and stopping, but I somehow found myself totally bonked (hunger knocked for those of you from the UK) before I even got to that last little climb. I also realized that I do indeed miss flat time trials. My aero bars are on the floor in our basement, but, today anyway, I wished they were on my top bar.

Now, I’m completely exhausted. I have more fatigue in my legs than I remember having for a long time. It feels like I’ve done an extensive weightlifting routine for my legs, and I didn’t even cover the distance I’ll have to ride for LOTOJA. Not good. Still, I’m too tired to reproach myself about it now. I’m going to bed.


2 thoughts on “SMASHED!

  1. Boz

    Remember, always add some carbs hourly on a ride over 2 hours. I now have a gel and drink Hammer Heed on the hour, hungry and thirsty or not. This really helps me avoid the post ride pig-out that kills any weight loss efforts that I set out to accomplish. This works well for me, any how.

  2. Zed

    I usually carry an "emergency" gel with me, but I didn\’t have one with me this time. Go figure.It\’s funny, though, I did a post-ride pigout, and I was still lighter this morning. I must\’ve really kicked my own butt last night.

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