“What now? A team?”

My boss is funny. He suggested the other day that our company was going to sponsor a cycling team for The Tour of Utah and that I’m going to be asked to be on the team.

Okay, my boss isn’t really very funny.

I don’t think non-cyclists understand how much slower amateur cyclists are compared to pro cyclists. I probably wouldn’t be able to hang with the TofU peloton for more than 30 minutes, and even then, I’d only last that long if there was a herd of sheep or something holding the race up. Like I said, people don’t get it. They see your spandex and your slim waistline and assume you’re a pro cyclist or something. Weird.

Nonetheless, he got me thinking: If my company did decide to sponsor a new cycling team, who would/should they recruit?

Bear in mind that this is all fantasy on my part, but if they were going to put together a team, I know a few riders who, I think, deserve their attention. So here’s my list:

Sam Krieg, yes the guy whose blog I linked to the other day, is a killer fast rider living in Pocatello. His main target each year is cyclocross, but on his way there, he usually drills past everyone at the time trial (he clocked just a little more than 20 minutes for our local windy 10-mile out-and-back time trial—lowering the record by about two minutes), kills everyone at every crit he enters and knocks off a pro-level time at the hill climbs (including a 30-something at Teton Pass—yikes!).

Richard Feldman, who’s won everything under the sun, including the first race I ever entered, the Targhee Hillclimb (where he set the record, I believe). This guy’s incredible; never mind that he could be the team’s coach as well.

Matt Shriver. Okay, so Matt’s already on the Jittery Joe’s team. Doesn’t matter. He’s been top 20 at the U.S. Pro Road Race Champs, recently went to Worlds for cyclocross and owns the record on Teton Pass. (Noticing a pattern here?) Matt’s a rising star, I think. He still has plenty of racing years left in his legs. He seems to get better results every year, and he can perform at altitude.

Okay, so that’s only three people. Perhaps you could throw Norm Bryner in there too, since Norm keeps just about killing the Snowbird Hillclimb (narrowly missing out to a guy who rides for the competition). Heck, maybe Jay Petervary or Cary Smith too (climbing is a must for this sort of thing). But yeah, I suppose you could call this my "under-appreciated local riders" list.

As for me being on any kind of cycling team, it better be for a cat 3 mountain bike race or something, because there’s no way I could hang with those guys with my existing fitness.


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