This time of year is always interesting for me. I’m riding mostly on the trainer (although that may change in a few weeks), doing a little bit of weightlifting and cross-training (swimming) on the side, and doing my darndest to avoid getting sick again or getting injured. But the truth is that this time of year is always characterized for me by a sense of blackout—I have no idea if what I’m doing is making me faster or slower.

The speedometer on my bike is on the front wheel, and even if it was on the back wheel, who knows what speed I SHOULD be going on the trainer since the resistance on there is really pretty relative. I do have a heart-rate monitor, and so far it doesn’t look like my aerobic system is very well developed. But that’s probably because I keep spending all this time lifting weights and messing up my aerobic workouts.

This year, though, I have a feeling my blackout is going to seem longer than usual. I removed the aero bars from my bike, which should result in at least a slight loss of speed. I also don’t have an early season race really on my schedule (as much as I’d like to think otherwise). Truth is, my bike season might not really start until July, since I have a running race to do in June (which I’m not particularly serious about at this point).

So my fitness—whether good or bad—will be a complete surprise to me when I finally toe the start line. And, you know what, I’m okay with that.


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