On the hunt

I’ve been riding the same saddle for the past 2.5 years now, an SLR XC, which was given to me by a riding buddy for nothing in exchange. I gathered by the plush seat he used to replace it that he found this one uncomfortable, and, truth is, I could sorta relate. I think I’d found a way to ride it with relatively low discomfort, but honestly, it still leaves me feeling a little less … sensitive sometimes.

(Pardon the TMI.)

Anyway, with our regular tax return celebration getting closer, I’m starting to wonder about a replacement. I thought briefly about an Adamo saddle, but given my dislike for wide saddles, I don’t think it’s the one for me. So now, I’m thinking about either the Arione CX K:ium or a Pave. Truth is, the Pave is just in there because it’s cheaper and I heard Dave Z used to ride it before the Antares. One thing’s for certain: I’m looking for a flat saddle this time—no scoops.

So I have to ask, does anyone out there ride one of these? What’s your take on it? Any thoughts on my decision?

Once again, thanks in advance.

P.S. Here’s some EXTRA CREDIT reading from a guy I met at a criterium this past summer. He owns the record at my local TT series, and he’s raced cyclocross in Belgium, so I usually pay close attention to what he has to say.


4 thoughts on “On the hunt

  1. Boz

    Fi\’zi:k saddles seem to be in vogue these days. I have the Rondine on my road bike and it\’s the nicest my butt has ever felt on a road bike. Nice price, too.

  2. Zed

    I\’d never even heard of the Rondine before you mentioned it. It looks a bit wide for me, but it\’s a good-looking saddle. That is a lot less expensive than an Arione, though.

  3. Boz

    I need the width of the Rondine. For being a XL type of guy, I have zero natural butt padding and slightly wide sitz bone area. A 143 saddle int BG line up works for me also.

  4. Zed

    Yeah, see, I have relatively narrow sit bones, I think. I have a size 28 waist, so my preference on saddles tends to run slimmer.

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