“Guess I don’t know my own strength”

Yes, that’s a quotation from Bullwinkle. As in Rocky and Bullwinkle. I know, I know, you just lost a few brain cells from reliving the memory of seeing that cartoon. Still, the image of an oafish moose fits my post perfectly today.

I can’t tell you how many seatpost collars I’ve gone through on my road bike in the past year, but I think the number is three. I don’t know anyone else who’s ever broken a seatpost collar, and I’ve broken three in the past year. And I was even trying to be really nice to my seatpost collars.

So there I was on Sunday (yes, the sabbath—ask me what I was thinking), holding a baby with one arm and a multi-tool with the other, gently—I thought—turning the bolt after aligning the tip of my seat with my top tube, when it happened. The multi-tool shot out of my hand and hit me in the stomach (so much for "gently" right?) and I had a busted seatpost collar.

You know, they say there’s a bunch of human growth hormone in milk. Maybe I’ve been drinking too much milk lately.

Anyway, I went to the shop to buy a new collar, but the guy didn’t have a normal single-bolt road-bike seatpost collar available. So he gave me the next-best thing: a Bontrager quick-release collar.

Now, for any other cyclist, I’m sure this wouldn’t be such a big deal. But you have to understand, I went to my first road bike race in a t-shirt and spandex shorts. I ride a bike that cost me less than $1,000. And that bike has a triple chainring on it. Not to mention SPD-style mountain bike pedals. I already get the occasional glare from a snob roadie when I show up at the local TT series.

So, yes, I’m wondering if I’ll look like a nerd.

All right, now is the time when you leave a comment about how not-nerdy mountain bike equipment looks on road bikes. Make me feel a little less self-conscious here, if you don’t mind. I’d really prefer that to purchasing another easily destructible seatpost collar.

Thanks in advance.


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