My 2009 Race Wishlist

I’m not sure why anyone makes season goals. In my five years of pursuing cycling, I think I’ve maybe had one season turn out close to how I planned it. Usually, instead of a season plan, it’s more like a race wishlist, which, I suppose, is okay too.

So here it is. If I get really lucky, I might actually do one or two of these events:

The local spring time trial series. If any, these will be the races that will go on my chopping block. I haven’t had time to put in the training yet, and I’ve also removed the aero bars from my bike. Also, these races take place on Tuesday evenings, and I now have a church responsibility that occupies my Tuesday nights. If I’m lucky, I’ll squeeze in one of the hillclimbs.

The Bone and Back Relay. Yep, this is a running race. My sister-in-law was hoping to put together a team for the Wasatch Back relay, but she ran into a little difficulty trying to find 12 people do do a running race. I’d heard about this one, which leaves from nearby Idaho Falls, so I suggested we do this instead. It’s a paltry 40 miles compared to Wasatch Back’s 180, and the steepest incline goes up the same road as the aforementioned hillclimb time trial. Naturally, I volunteered to do the steep part.

The Rendezvous Hillclimb. This is probably wishful thinking on my part. I think I’ve had this race on my wishlist before, and it has never worked out. The normal route (last year’s race was reduced to accommodate tram construction) rises 4,100 feet in 7 miles to the top of Rendezvous Peak. Now that I have a hardfork on my mountain bike again, this race is its ideal racing ground. Nonetheless, with my luck, it’ll get scheduled on a Sunday this year.

The Snowbird Hillclimb. If I don’t do Rendezvous, I’ll probably do this one. I did this race back in August of this past year, and it was a hoot. In fact, it really restarted my love of hillclimb races. Even though I lost ground toward the end, it felt good to be passing people on the climb again. Although, I should mention, when I was looking through the results afterward, I realized I’d been beat by someone who I’d beat at the Teton Pass Climb back in ’05 and ’04. I s’pose that guy would make for a good training partner—ha!

The LOTOJA Classic. No, I won’t be racing this solo. Nonetheless, after years of listening to me beg and plead, some of my co-workers are appeasing me by putting together a relay team. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do some good riding through the summer and actually get in shape to race 35-45 miles in one session. Yes, anyone can finish the distance, but I want to race it.

So that’s my season. Notice there’s no mention of any triathlon or swimming races. Nonetheless, I might keep doing a swim session a week through the summer. Besides relaxing me before my class, swimming is really trimming my bodyfat. And yes, I kinda like that. Nonetheless, I’m focusing back where I started: hillclimbs and general cycling. That should be nice. And even if I just do one or two of these events, that should sufficiently motivate me to keep riding.

We’ll see how many races on the wishlist actually happen.

P.S. If you’re a cyclist, you’ll want to read this article, which gives a pretty decent reason why you want to have some strength training in your workout program.


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