I’m back to teaching my night class at my alma mater. It’s fun, but it means a little less cycling time. Mind you, it also means a little more swimming time. I did a swim tonight before class, and it was the perfect antidote for my nervousness. That’s one of the things I like about swimming: It forces you to relax. The alternative is thrashing like a maniac while the lifeguard jumps in to save you (while muttering something about you needing water wings under her breath). Me, I choose to relax.

Then I taught the class. We talked about grammar at length, and, as usual, my students were surprised by how much they enjoyed the discussion. I think two or three of them may have actually learned something. But the bottom line was that we all enjoyed it. I don’t know how much more enjoyment there is to be had. My students always think I’m the coolest right up until I give them grades. When that happens, my coolness suddenly takes a nosedive.

But when I walked out of the building tonight, I got to thinking about how much I enjoyed my experience teaching. It was fun, and it felt natural. I re-realized how much I enjoy doing that sort of thing and how I really would have a hard time without some English or teaching-related career in my life. Then, for whatever reason, I realized that, if I had to, I could probably live without cycling. Sure, it’d be hard, but it’d be possible.

The truth is that lately I’ve been living without cycling—even on a trainer. I’ve had some—TMI WARNING—saddle sore issues I’ve been dealing with, so I’ve been venturing into other things. It’s off season, meaning it’s a good time for a bike hiatus, but I think I could probably move on from cycling if I absolutely had to. Mind you, I think I’ll always keep it as a means of summer transportation, even if I’m not racing or competing.


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