The Schedge and more …

Here’s the scene of my old favorite race venue, the Teton Pass Climb. It’s not that snowy in the valley right now. It’s just wet and rainy. Nonetheless, my outdoor riding is at a complete standstill–for the sake of my bikes. Winter’s just around the corner, and I haven’t yet purchased a set of running snowshoes (although they’ll certainly be on my Christmas list this year).

Instead of riding, I’m filling my mind with memories of races, plans for future races, and a little hill running on the side. I have a saddle sore I need to get healed up (please excuse the TMI), so really, a little off-season isn’t completely unwelcome. But I’m already thinking about the races I want to do next year.

Am I the only cyclist out there who plans to race five times as much as he actually races? Every year, I find myself wishing and hoping to do all kinds of races, but when the season actually arrives, it’s much quieter. I think I end up doing five races at most each year, if I’m lucky. This year, I did a snowshoe 5k (2nd place), the bike leg of a relay triathlon (4th fastest in our division), a full reverse sprint triathlon (13th), the Snowbird Hillclimb, and that’s about it. I have a running 5k coming up (the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot has become a family tradition), so that’ll round me up with about five events for this year. As for next year, here’s what I have in mind:

The February snowshoe 5k
• An early season pool-swim sprint triathlon with my in-laws (no, I don’t have one in mind yet)
• The Pocatello Time Trial Series ($20 for six races–not bad, eh?)
• An August hillclimb (either this one, this one, this one, or one of my own design)
• And I’ve already committed to being on a LOTOJA relay team

So, of course, I’m already dreaming about each one of these each day–particularly as I spend more time off the bike.

I also find myself dreaming about upgrades for my bike during the off-season. This year, I really don’t have a lot of equipment or apparel purchases in mind, to be honest, but there are a few items I’m interested in. Allow me to elaborate:

• I recently read a review of a bike that has the same seatpost as mine, and it included the following observation: "The seatpost is a horrid affair with obnoxious serrations that facilitate every saddle angle except the one you seem to need. It belongs on a $329 mountain bike. Its weight is comparable to most medieval battle weapons. Total pooh." Yes, the author is dead on. So I may be in the market for a more adjustable seatpost. In particular, I’m thinking about grabbing one of these. I like Bontrager stuff, so far, and I don’t need carbon because I really only do short-course racing (in case you couldn’t tell from my schedge).

• I’ve had time trial booties on my Christmas list for a couple of years now. The owner of one of the local shops told me he’d give me a deal on a pair of Nike booties if I decide to purchase them. I just have one problem: I can’t stand the word "bootie"! I’m just kidding. The real reason I haven’t purchased them is because I can’t seem to convince my wife that time trial booties are a necessity.

With the economic situation, that might be the full extent of my Christmas list. Still, I might not get either of those items. For whatever reason, members of my family are resistant to giving me cycling stuff–even though I use the cycling stuff 10x more than I use the other stuff. Maybe this will be the year, but with the economic situation, I have my doubts.


2 thoughts on “The Schedge and more …

  1. Boz

    You can find some real good deals on FSA components at Blue Sky, universal, etc. I changed my MTB over to FSA seat post, stem, and bars. Nice quality at a good price. Their seat posts adjust very well and don\’t slip or creak. The Ritchie on my road bike was terrible, always tilting back under load, or creaking like mad. It did it with 3 different saddles. But since I put on a Fizak saddle, all that stuff went away. Wierd. Also, commuting is like training. You have to do it, so you might as well put it to good use. Like Eddy Merckx always said the secret to getting fast is to "Ride the bike, ride the bike, ride the bike".

  2. Zed

    Thanks for the tip on the components. I\’ll have to look into that.I actually own a Fizik Gobi, but it\’s not clicking for me. The Gobi has two stitches that end up right where my taint meets my thighs, so my Gobi saddle is actually taking some of the blame for my nasty saddle sore situation.And the saddle sores are really what\’s keeping me off the bike. I tried to ride the trainer this morning before work, but my underside was stinging after 20 minutes. It\’s enough to make me want to purchase some chamois butter. Speaking of which, I may do that.

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