The Suspension of Bliss

Well, my ride-to-work season is now over–at least temporarily. Yesterday, I left work to realize that the sun had already set and that I would be soaked in rain by the time I got to the shop to pick up our other car. Hey, but the other car is fixed. If you happen to purchase a 2002 Chevy Malibu (against my recommendation) make sure to track down the upgrade kit for your intake manifold. They guys at the shop are telling me that’ll last a lot longer than the original manifold.

Having those few days in a row to ride made for a good training experiment, however. I’ve learned that my body seems to react well to daily aerobic workouts. At least, I felt stronger after a few days than I did on the first. I’ve done this before, though, where I’ve ridden every day and monitored my speed/heart rate. For me, daily riding seems to fit. I see a quick progression when I ride more frequently. I also see a fast increase in my metabolism, however. I’ve had a serious appetite over the past week as I’ve been burning lots of calories on my 45-minute trips to or from work.

I think riding daily will work for me in my run-up to time trial season. I’m thinking I’ll give that a shot this spring.


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