Yes, I saw some people riding some nice road bikes in New York City, but by far the best rides were the singlespeed/fixed gears I spotted. Here’s just one bike that happened to pose for me. Note the track handlebars, smooth-looking rear wheel, single gear, no visible breaks, etc. etc. I guess the track stand/sprint would be more valuable in a world with stoplights and short city blocks, eh?

By the way …
Did you guys hear, the Gatto Nero is returning to the Giro? (Scroll down to the bottom of the newspage, by the way.) I think this is going to be a pretty cool competition—who can be last without going outside the time limit? I may even be more interested in that jersey than the Maglia Rosa. And it’s nice to see a jersey that doesn’t require EPO to win.


4 thoughts on “NYC

  1. Unknown

    Hey Caloi-
    The geometry doesn\’t look right for that bike to be a track bike. Looks like a fixie that\’s been built up. BTW always a pleasure to read your writing!

  2. Unknown

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