Update from the Big Apple

Yup, it’s true. We’re doing Christmas in New York City with my sister this year. Before I left, my coworkers kept telling me how fortunate I was to be going. I told them it would likely shape out to just be a massive shopping trip for my mother and sister. So far, my prediction has proven correct.
But the shopping trip hasn’t stopped me from scoping out the bikes of NYC. I’ve seen a few newer road bikes, nothing that looks like it cost more than two grand, and a heckuvalot of junky Wal-Mart style bikes. More impressive, though, is this style of bike I’ve never seen before: It’s a singlespeed road bike, obviously for a bike messenger, with a set of really skinny flat handlebars–probably no wider than 20 cm. I’m assuming the bars are for weaving in and out of traffic(?).
Anyway, expect a more complete report at a later time. In the meantime, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and scope this out for an example of New York City bikeriding.

4 thoughts on “Update from the Big Apple

  1. Unknown

    Hey Caloi Rider-
    Greetings from the other caloi rider! Unfortunately, I no longer ride a Caloi Pro Road bike, since this summer I managed to get weld at the bottom bracket to crack horribly. Waranty seems out of the question since I raced the bike (imagine that racing a racing bike voids the warranty) plus I crashed going 34 miles an hour this summer during all the rainy days we had here in South Texas. Read more at http://andando-de-bicicleta.blogspot.com. It was providence that a new good friend started attending my church after I met him on a club ride and he had a titanium frame he was willing to part with for not too much so now I ride a Litespeed Classic and it is way sweet even for an older steed. Always have enjoyed your updates!

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