Last night, I did 29 chin-ups in one set—a new record for me. It was particularly satisfying because I hadn’t done a single chin-up in two weeks or more. That may have also been my performance advantage—tapering. But I somehow forgot about the disadvantages that sometimes come with performance.

See, this morning, I woke up feeling grouchy. I got to work, and I grouched when something didn’t go my way. After a few hours, I found myself sitting and thinking, "Why am I so stinkin’ grouchy today?" Then I realized: I did 29 chin-ups last night.

This is a pattern I’ve noticed in myself over time—anytime I really really exert myself when my body wasn’t properly conditioned to do so, I wake up the next morning feeling like I want to chew someone out, not to mention being sore and absent-minded.

So what I’m wondering is this: Am I the only one who experiences grouchiness after totally exerting myself?

The Blog Roll

I know I haven’t been blogging all that much lately. Instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m just going to direct your attention to some other interesting bike blogs. Here’s one I just discovered today: Sam Jurekovic’s Blog. Sam is on the junior mtb racing team. Perhaps my most embarrassing moment in life was the day I went to the Teton Pass Climb (only my second race ever), and asked some random kid where I stick my race number. I then proceeded to do the race with a t-shirt. The kid, of course, was Sam J. That year, Sam went to World’s, and the next year he came back and won the Pass Climb.

That first year, though, the race was won by none other than Matt Shriver. I can also list one of my embarrassing moments as having asked Matt’s brother some other ridiculous question before the start. I don’t know how I do it, but somehow, I always manage to pick out the race winner and embarrass myself by talking to him—yet another strange phenomenon.

On that note, I would be remiss to leave out Dave Harris, who I parked my bike next to at the start of the E100 12-hour. I managed to keep my mouth shut this time because I knew I recognized him from somewhere. That somewhere, of course, was the E100 video. Dave went on to win that day, and Botched and I survived (which was my goal).

Anyway, none of these guys is reputed as a brilliant blogger or anything, but I actually found some pretty good reading on there. Matt Shriver had a top 10 finish at the National Road Championship last year (when George Hincapie won), Sam won the U23 cross country National Champs this year, and Dave, last time I checked, crashed hard at the BC bike race. Take the time to read Sam’s national champ story—it should make up for the lack of content here.


One thought on “Phenomenon

  1. Boz

    I seem to get in a better mood after a workout. It\’s before that I\’m grumpy. The holiday season is usually a downer for me, so this time of year it\’s hard for me to get motivated to work out, so it\’s kind of a visious circle.
    Have a great Christmas, your daughter will make it all the better for you and the Mrs.

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