Is anyone else concerned …

… about the high frequency of endurance athlete deaths lately? I read recently about Ryan Shay, who died at the US Olympic Marathon Trials, and then, just yesterday, I read about Mike Janelle, the pro mountain biker and roadie.

Does anyone else find that alarming?

I guess the thing that has me worried is the possibility that maybe, just maybe we’re barking up the wrong tree with our fitness goals here in the US of A. I’ve read some things lately that suggest that perhaps exercise isn’t the life preserver we all thought it was.

I don’t think I know enough about the issue to take a position on it just yet. I also have no idea if I have an ‘enlarged heart’ or ‘hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.’ And, I suppose, you can die from just about anything, so why get uptight about this?

Still, as much as I like riding a bike or getting a workout, it’s definitely not worth dying early for.


6 thoughts on “Is anyone else concerned …

  1. Zed

    Oh, THAT comment. That isn\’t me. No broken ribs in my family—especially not my daughter over whom I am most protective … and no, I would never allow her to start swimming at 15 months. That would just be a little too far for me.Thanks for pointing that out, though.

  2. Boz

    I think it doesn\’t take much to die. The human body is one very complicated organism, and very simple things can upset the balance. Sometimes some hidden quirk can surface and kill us without warning. Sometimes enviornmental, sometimes genetic, but take us out none the less. So I think we should always be in the best shape we can to minimize the chances of things getting us before out time.

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