Quit Yer Subluxating Already!

I tend to side with the school of thought that says that stretching causes more injuries than it prevents. That said, Yoga, I think, is useful for something: It’s good rehab for joint problems, I think.

What’s my justification for that?

It seems to me that you get joint irregularities (those characterized as ‘overuse’ injuries) when certain muscles become too tight or strong while their opposing muscles atrophy or simply remain weak. How can stretching (aka Yoga) help with that situation? It makes those larger, stronger muscles a little less tight, reducing the constant strain of a tight muscle across a joint.

I’m actually hoping this will help with my current situation. As you may already be aware, I’ve been lifting weights since the end of the summer. I think I’ve gained some strength, but in recent weeks, I’ve been feeling a weird popping sensation in my knee (I just learned the scientific term: subluxation). I’ve also been tweaking my cleats here and there trying to get the position perfect. Actually, I feel like a bit of a moron on that one—my cleats were fine before I started messing with them. Now I can’t help but wonder if that’s the cause of my subluxation.

But as is, I may be looking at a week or two off the bike. I guess I couldn’t ask for a easier week, though. We’re planning on leaving town for Thanksgiving next week, so I shouldn’t be anywhere near my bikes for most of that time (unless I diabolically sneak one into the trunk of the car before leaving town), and to top it off I’m looking at taking the GRE the week after that, which would mean I’d be too busy studying to turn the pedals prior to the test.

Yeah, so I’m hoping I can increase my … limber-ness and therefore remove the annoying clicking that has just lately started to occur anytime I walk down stairs. So what do you guys think? Will it work? I’d hate to waste a doctor’s visit on it, but if it doesn’t go away soon, I might just do that. I also don’t want to leave it until it’s permanent, y’know. How obnoxious would that be?


7 thoughts on “Quit Yer Subluxating Already!

  1. Boz

    I have that same type of popping in my left knee, sometimes it feels weak on stairs, sometimes slight pain. The more I ride and do squats on the big blue, exercise ball, along with ham string bridges, strengthens the quads and hams enough to keep it aligned and pain-free. I don\’t stretch before working out, either. I always found it a waste of time. I thinks it\’s better to stretch after a workout to help recovery.

  2. Zed

    After some internet research, I\’m wondering whether it might be related to my position over the pedals. I tend to try to mimic a time trial position despite riding a road bike. I\’ve had my knees probably farther forward over the pedal axes than they should be. I hadn\’t thought about it before, but this knee popping thing did sort of coincide with the moment I moved my seat forward (a month or so ago).So much for that silly idea.

  3. Sue

    about 4 years ago I went virtually sedentary for about a year.  Over the course of that year and the next year, virtually everthing on my body started hurting from my feet to my neck, but especially my knees and back.  I got to where I feared stairs and would walk up the handicap ramp if one was available.
    Anyhoo, the next couple years saw me seeing a lot of doctors and physical therapists, who all essentially said nothing was wrong.  Other than my feet, which needed orthotics, the joints were all healthy, just painful.  I noticed, paradoxically, that the more active I was the less my knees and back hurt (although at times I\’d experience quite a bit of pain during activities).
    So after reading and talking to a lot of people, I decided most of my problems were from some muscles and muscle groups getting tight and weak (just as you suggested, above).  I\’d like to say I dedicated myself to a stretching and strengthening regime, but I have basically only done the minimum to get me back able to do the things I like to do, except basketball, which is just too tough.
    One of the PT\’s (or physio for Boz) I talked to said that he sees a few new patients each year with some problems similar to mine, and that like me they often used to be very very active, and had recently become inactive.

  4. Zed

    That\’s really interesting. Yeah, the more I read, the more I\’m convinced the best path is to remain active for your whole lifetime.I have a co-worker who lost 100 pounds a year or two ago, and since then he\’s had a really tough time. He still has some weight to lose, he says, but no matter how much exercise he does, he can\’t get it off. Something I read recently suggested that if you become overweight and remain that way for a long period of time, your body becomes convinced that it\’s normal and your hormones conspire to keep you heavier. It has me convinced that the best cure is prevention.

  5. Unknown

    Hey Caloirider-
    I don\’t know if you remember me, but I\’m the other caloirider on the net, but mine was a roadbike. Well, alas, I am no longer a Caloi rider. A few weeks ago my frame started to fail at the weld. Luckily a buddy of mine had a litespeed frame that he was trying to get rid of along with an extra carbon fork. I\’m really very blessed that the bike didn\’t fail entirely while I was riding and of course that there one of my friends had a bike he\’s trying to get rid of and doesn\’t want a whole lot for it. I\’m still going to see what Caloi can do for me with the failed frame. Just had to share with someone who would care. Bobster

  6. Zed

    Bob, that stinks, dude. Yeah, I\’ve been debating changing my name to something with \’Cannondale\’ in it (since that\’s my road bike\’s brand), but nothing works—too many syllables. Hmmm, maybe C-dale Rouleur? Perhaps just \’Dale\’? I dunno.Either way, sorry to hear about the frame, brotha. Glad you have a replacement.

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