Health Blogging?

I’ve been a bit of a health nut in recent months. Truth is, I’ve been reading a lot about certain health subjects for the sake of my job as I’ve been asked to write about certain health subjects lately. It’s been pretty interesting. My wife thinks I should’ve majored in health science in college since I’ve become so consumed with the subject.

So I got thinking maybe I ought to write about that on the blog once in a while. Usually, I shy away from it because, hey, I’m no health professional—I only earned a B+ in my last biology class, and that was all the way back in 2002—and people don’t always find this stuff as fascinating as I do.

That said, I’ll probably still go off on the subject from time to time because, hey, sometimes a blogger needs material, right?

Figured I’d make that public.

P.S. Boz, thanks for the cycling stuff. I watched most of it last night—of course I had to rewind and watch the time trials a few times.


2 thoughts on “Health Blogging?

  1. Boz

    You\’re welcome – glad you enjoyed them. I sure hope Versus does some of the spring classics – the one days are my favorites, as that type of riding is what my body type is suited best for, if any. Also, I like the health stuff, obviously, so I\’m sure you\’ll have some interesting entries.

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