I know I’m a little late for heckling …

But have you guys seen the details from the proposed Tour of America?

I don’t think these guys realize that something more extreme has already been done—and for less money.

Ahem, it’s called RAAM people. Maybe they can look into putting all that money into RAAM instead so the race can finally get the respect it deserves.


4 thoughts on “I know I’m a little late for heckling …

  1. Zed

    Here\’s a link: http://http://www.velonews.com/news/fea/13413.0.htmlHere\’s a more informative link: http://http://www.velonews.com/news/fea/13403.0.htmlIt\’s out there. You\’ll have to keep looking for it. I just know I read something about how most of the stages are 400km+ and face directly into a headwind. Imagine LOTOJA every day for 27 days. There\’s also supposed to be a 100km time trial (60 miles for a TT!) and some other ridiculous stuff. The group claims it\’s trying to make it really "extreme" and they\’re trying to entice cyclists with the notion of an $11 million prize. Sounds like the kind of event Jure Robic might thrive in.But yeah, it also conflicts with the Vuelta, the World Championship, the Presidential election, etc. etc. So basically some guy who knows little to nothing about cycling is trying his hand at a business venture that\’s doomed to absolute failure.We already have our extreme events. Why not throw cash at the Ironman World Championship? It\’s not like those guys couldn\’t use a little more money for their pains.

  2. Unknown

    Thanks for your comment.  We sat in the press conference and witnessed the ignorance of this dreamer.
    RAAM has been around for 26 years. These days…We\’re really pushing the relay-team format…it\’s a saner introduction to the legacy of our event.  ANd, many team racers…."graduate" to the solo ranks.
    Grab a team of 4 or 8…and come join us. RAAM is more accessible than you think!
    Again…thanks for your respect!
    Jeff Stephens
    RAAM Management Team

  3. Zed

    Wow. Cool. I guess I can stop cracking jokes about nobody reading my blog now, eh?I actually think doing RAAM as a relay would be a lot of fun. I\’ve seen pictures of Johnny G doing it in the \’80s, and that guy had some serious leg muscle. Hmmm, maybe I\’ll have to do some recruiting.

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