Off Season Already?

It’s true, I’m back to watching my heart rate and lifting weights. I’m trying a new approach to training this year. If it works out, I’ll tell you guys about it so you can try it out too. Of course, I may not know that until spring.

Fortunately, I’m finding that my new area has just about everything I need—even a sustained climb. I have a 1,500-foot climb just three miles south of here (also the location of this past summer’s hillclimb time trial), I have flat roads galore to the north, and I even have a rolling hill section just a mile east. To the west, however, it’s all suburbia and city.

And, BONUS, it’s even windier here than it was in the last area.

DOUBLE BONUS, I’m really not much farther from my main mountain biking routes. Now, if I can just talk my wife into letting me  take a Saturday morning to ride, I’m set.

The only bummer is all the stop signs. My flat time trial course in the last town was a continuous (no stop signs, traffic lights or cattleguards) 15-mile road. I figure if I ever go after my own personal hour record, I’ll probably do it there.

But yeah, I’m really itching to get into the mountains. It’s been a long, flat summer.


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