Good News and Bad News

I read somewhere recently that if you ride your bike for eight hours a week, it will take you two years to reach your maximum aerobic capacity. Now, based on the source, I’d say that hypothesis was arrived at with strictly experiential evidence–as in, it’s probably not entirely accurate.
But it nonetheless left me with two thoughts:

1. Hey, it’s actually possible to achieve my full capacity while riding part time!

2. Rats, I have to ride every single week for two years.

See, since my wisdom teeth came out, I’ve gone a family vacation, come back, and been completely swamped at work. That means that for about the past three weeks, I have maybe six hours of riding time to report, and that’s it. Some weeks, that’s just how life is–riding just isn’t always a option.

So while that stinks, at least I know now I can be a weekend warrior and still maybe pull out some bike fitness. In some ways it provides hope; in others, it’s a little discouraging.


2 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. Boz

    This year for me started slowly training -wise, but has picked up alot. I\’ve been able to sneek in training rides when it looked like no time would be possible. I carry my spare MTB and all-pourpose kit in my van so I can suit up and ride at a moments notice. I\’m thinking of buying a Motobecane cyclo-cross bike to haul instead, which would be more versitile and also fit the budget. This training strategy has really improved my fitness, I can climb better than ever, which is my main indicator.

  2. Zed

    That\’s brilliant. I might convert my mtb (my one and only) into a cross bike sometime this year. I\’ve been debating throwing on the hard fork for a while, and that might be reason enough.Thanks for the tip, Boz.

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