It’s official: the local (if you can call 30 minutes from home ‘local’) time trial series is a go. They’ll be holding three flat and three climbing time trials this year. It’s a really casual series–it doesn’t earn you points for any sort of official race series or anything–so I can ease off the race pressure instead of worrying myself into a choke. So really, it’s just a group ride where we don’t talk to each other, ride at lactate threshold, and get times at the end. It should be fun.
Provided I don’t move (hey, there will always be another TT series), I intend to do all six.
So if you’re going to be in Idaho Falls on May 8th, June 12th or June 26th, come find us on North River Road (Lindsay Blvd North of US 20), and if you’re going to be in town on June 26, July 10 or July 24th, come to Sunnyside Rd (at the base of the only climb in town–you’ll know where it is) for the hill climb.
Okay, changing directions here. I did my best not to be competitve during the triathlon–to just enjoy the experience while I was experiencing it–but I got a little competitive after the fact when I started to notice some funny things about my bike split. You may recall me saying I had the "12th fastest" or a "top 15" bike split, but you may also notice some discrepency between that claim and the results. My wife thinks I’m crazy OCD for having analyzed this, but allow me to explain why I can still claim a "top 15" bike split at the race:
The race promoters, just the week before the race, changed the bike course completely after becoming aware of the construction on the course they’d chosen. On the new bike course written description, the racers were told the new route would be a "straight out-and-back" course. On the map, there was a reference to "two loops" at the far end of the course.  I, being the crazed nutball that I truly am, e-mailed the race organizers to figure that little detail out before the race. Then, my bro-in-law and I went and drove the course beforehand so we knew what we were up against.
Well, what we discovered on race day was that we were probably the only guys who took those precautions. There was all kinds of talk among people who’d missed the volunteer holding up the 8.5×11-inch sign that said "second loop" with an arrow pointing in the right direction. After the race, I noticed that I’d had a decent split, but some people were showing splits 4-8 minutes faster than mine–even people with a <i>much</i> lower overall placing. Needless to say I was a little baffled. Then I noticed something interesting, out of the 26 or so triathletes who had faster bike splits than I did, at least 15 had penalties for as much as 8 minutes tacked on to their total times–some of whom had really close bike splits to my own. Allow me to translate: they were folks who’d missed the second loop at the far end of the course.
But hey, you can’t really blame ’em. I think that’s the one area where the race organizers messed up a little was poorly publicizing the change to the bike route.
So I’m still claiming a "top 15" bike split. Hey, a man’s got to feed his ego somehow.

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