One Really Good Reason to Hold Back

My wife had a monstrous biology test Saturday morning, so that meant I’d be
at home with my baby girl for the day while my wife studied and then took
the 2-3 hour test. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t all that broken up about
it. I was enjoying the rest when an unexpected thing happened–my baby girl
took a nap.

I was still under house arrest, but at least I could ride the trainer, so
that’s what I did. I hooked it up and put in a full 90 minutes, which is
about as long as my baby ever sleeps (thus it’s also as long as I ride).
When I got done, sure enough, I went in to find my baby girl happily awake
and just barely getting bored with her surroundings. Perfect timing.

So I got back to the business of feeding her and relaxing. A few hours
passed and then my wife came home. The test hadn’t gone over so well, and
she wanted to get out and run some errands to take her mind off of it.

"You can go ride your bike–outside!" she said.

Well, I couldn’t turn that opportunity down, so even when my quads gave me a
recognizably tired feeling as I walked down the stairs from the apartment, I
still hopped on the bike determined to put some sunny outdoor mileage in. I
rode up the street, through some streams from melting snow, across some
dirty, sandy roads and out into the countryside.

I made it about two miles before I decided my legs were way too cooked to
actually get a good ride in and turned back. So much for my sunny road ride.

I rolled the bike back in the apartment and wiped the mud off and then I
propped the bike up against a wall. Just then, I heard it. My drive train
was sounding, well, crunchy. Why crunchy? Because it was filled with sand
and grit from the road. Yes, this includes the semi-brand-new chain I had on
there, which, until that point, had only experienced trainer rides.

Yep, I was miffed.

It might have been unmiffifying if I’d actually gotten a decent ride in, but
I didn’t. It was a complete waste of 15 minutes wherein I’d junked up my
chain. Never mind the half hour I spent spraying the chain off with T9 when
I got back (which was completely futile, I should mention). Gah! Why hadn’t
I just ridden my mountain bike (which already has a rusted-out chain and is
already covered with mud and grit)? Because I got a little over-eager,
that’s why.

So that’s the last outdoor riding my road bike’s going to see for another
two months. You may want to look into doing the same with yours.

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3 thoughts on “One Really Good Reason to Hold Back

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