Nothing compares …

… to having your little girl, your offspring, roll over to you with her slimy, snotty, saliva-soaked onsie and give you a firm affectionate headbutt. And, you know, I’ve decided I won’t mind if she does that when she’s a teenager. Particularly not if it’s in front of her potential boyfriends.
So yes, for me that’s worth leaving my heart-rate monitor, my bike, and my cleated clipless shoes alone for the night. Cuz, y’know, I don’t think you have to worry about losing all of your bike fitness just because you skip a Monday-night workout session. Further, I don’t think you have to be obsessive-compulsive about training to see fitness benefits. I mean, really, if you miss a single training session, it’s not all that likely that your gut’s going to drop down and break your fly open. It’s more likely that you’ll, instead, just have a wicked good training session the next time you climb on the bike.
Forgive the didacticism. I was just reading something about Ned Overend today–specifically about how he trained about 12-15 hours a week during his master’s domination years and how that’s not much less than he was training during his more competitive youth. See, but Ned’s the kinda guy I think all weekend warriors are aspiring to be: he’s efficient with his time and yet still comes in second to Tyler Hamilton on occasion.
It’s actually pretty interesting to read about athletes after their primes and where they end up. I’m even pretty curious to see what Lance does next now that he’s a weekend warrior like the rest of us. I think it’d be cool if he went back to his roots and gave the Ironman competitors a run for their money, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part. But either way, it’s interesting to note that athletes-turned-weekend-warriors scarcely turn to the obsessive-compulsive training techniques that some of us weekend warrior-pro wannabe types tend to lean towards. Granted, the actual pro athletes have some tremendous aerobic bases to start from.
But I’m not going to lose any sleep over that after my little girl finally goes to sleep tonight.

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