Be Very Afraid …

Oh yes, the Caloi household is back to having internet again … albeit dial-up. Free dial-up, which shows you where my priorities are.
All apologies for being anti-social (notice I have to apologize almost every time I write a blog entry anymore?), but life does tend to take off with me. I’m looking at graduate schools. I’m looking at getting out of Idaho. Unfortunately, I’m looking pretty far into the future for both.
On the fortunate side, however, it looks like Spring isn’t that far into the future. We’ve had a few sunny days here. We even had a couple of rainy days, and if it’s warm enough to rain, that means it’s too warm to snow. The only downside was that it rained the night I decided to store my mountain bike outdoors. Heck, I was due in to switch out that chain sometime anyway, right?
But yes, my mind has turned to the summer, to the season, to time trialing, to Teton Pass, to hitting the trails, to getting off the trainer, and you know what? I’m pumped. It’s going to be a blast this year. It was a blast last year. When I look back on my season last year, I didn’t take a single race I did seriously; they were all just a bunch of weekend fun. Y’know, I could use some weekend fun again. I’m getting a little tired of my cycling video library (which currently consists of two Tour DVD’s, Off Road to Athens, and VHS recordings of the Ironman and Xterra world championships), and I’d like to get out and write some of my own stories–on the road and in the dirt.
So here’s to cycling in 2007!

4 thoughts on “Be Very Afraid …

  1. Unknown

    Today\’s temp here is -9 F. Got out yesterday for a few block on the MTB as it was 15 above. Still too cold to be fun. But, next week, the Boz family is off to Florida, I have a bike rental resevered to ride up in Ocala. The Santos trails are supposed to be sweet. Have anyone rode them ?

  2. Zed

    Boz- I read an article about Floridian bike parks and trails in Bike magazine back in the day. You might be able to find it in their archive online.
    It\’s been warmer here, but it just dumped a foot or more of snow here today. I\’m hoping it melts tomorrow so I actually get to ride outdoors.
    Dan- Thanks, man. I had no idea anyone was that interested in what I have to write. S\’pose I\’ll have to post more often.

  3. Unknown

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