Advice …

… I’m full of it. So here goes:
I came across some information today that is completely useless to me, because the truth is that I intend to do mostly shorter races this year. But I thought it might be interesting for some of the other people who occasionally visit, because I know you guys do the long distance thing more than I do.
Here’s the deal: you know how on really long rides you end up with GI (gastro-intestinal) troubles? The reason, as I understand it, is that your stomache, over the course of an ultra-distance race, becomes less and less able to process the food you’re putting into it–food you desperately need. It can’t break down the sugars, the carbs, you’re putting into it. So what’s the solution? Find a source of glucose, the one and only sugar your body doesn’t need to change in order to use.
The only trouble is that most gels, gus and other endurance foods give you complex sugars in the form of maltodextrin, etc., which is ideal for the first few hours of racing. You won’t find many endurance foods out there with glucose in them. Hence my advice today. Earlier this year, I came across some info about a company that is manufacturing a glucose sports drink. The name of the drink? Gleukos. I didn’t think the name was particularly clever, but I still tracked down some of the product and gave it a sample. The powders were sorta … powdery. Go figure. But the already-mixed product wasn’t so powdery. It took a couple of tries, but I soon realized the key was just serving it cold–ice cold.
Anyway, so that’s my tip for today. And here’s the link again, if you missed it.
Oh, and one more tip:
You want free speed? Try the downhill battle.

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