I’m FREE! … almost

The sun is out and the snow is melting, or so it would appear. I went out
for what I hoped would be the first real outdoor ride in a while last night.
I went charging down the street just excited to be on a bike on a real road
when I suddenly realized my hands were FREEZING!

You’ve got to understand, I was wearing the same gloves I usually wear when
riding during the winter season, but they were evidently insufficient for my
needs last night. I climbed to the top of the hill and then turned
around–not because I couldn’t breathe, but because I couldn’t feel my
fingers. Usually, at the top of a climb like that, I’m pealing off layers
because I’m too stinkin’ hot, but last night I was pulling my fingers out of
the glove fingers so I could warm them up.

When I got to the bottom of the descent, I decided, instead of going back
up, to just head home. Yep, bummer. Of course, when I got home, I dropped
the bike off and ran two more miles, but that was the end of my ride for the

For some odd reason, my hands were plenty warm during the two-mile run. My
knees, for the first time in a while, felt pretty good too. I suppose it was
a little presumptuous of me to think I could leave the trainer behind and
actually ride outdoors now just because the pavement is showing. Either that
or I just need thicker gloves on. Or maybe, just maybe, the real problem
isn’t the gloves; maybe I just need to find somewhere warmer to live, eh?

Search for grocery stores. Find gratitude. Turn a simple search into
something more.


2 thoughts on “I’m FREE! … almost

  1. Unknown

    Your hands aren\’t holding a cold, metal handlebar when running, so obviously they don\’t get cold while running. I can attest to that. Funny, I\’ve noticed alot of people riding lately due to lack of snow around here. I saw two this morning, sub-zero temps, in the dark. No thanks, the trainer is just fine. another couple of inches of snow, maybe a little X/C is possible. My hands don\’t get cold doing that.

  2. uncadan8

    When I used to ski in MN, the first couple of runs down the mountain were brutally cold. It was usually about -40 when we went. We would go in the lodge after a couple runs and warm up, then head back out. We would always be plenty warm the rest of the day. I don\’t know why this is, but you may want to do a short loop in the neighborhood and then warm up inside. Head back out and you\’ll probably be fine.

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