The Early Hours

I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning–unintentionally. There I was, lying in
bed, waiting for my body to get back to sleep when 5 a.m. rolled around.
"Aw, what the heck," I thought, "the pool’s open now, I might as well go for
a swim." I only have free pool access for two or three more months, after

So that’s what I did, I very alertly bounced into the pool and cranked out
some lappage–600 meters to be precise. I’d gone about 200 meters and was
about to stand up when I realized that I could switch over to backstroke and
possible make it the whole way. So I made it the whole distance, but I did
it the wussy way.

As I left the pool, I remembered some buddies telling me they had a hockey
game at 5:30 a.m. today (why 5:30? You and I will never know). So I figured,
what the heck, I’ll go watch for a bit. Needless to say it was absolutely
freezing outside during the game, but it was still fun to support my friends
in their chosen pastime.

As I walked back in the apartment door at 6:15 (no, I didn’t stay for the
whole game, go figure), I got to thinking there was no point in going back
to bed for a half hour, so I might as well set the bike up on the trainer
and get some mileage in. After some time getting things set up, I got
rolling at about 6:30 and managed to keep it up for about 45 minutes.

Then, for probably the first time in at least a few weeks, I actually took
the time to eat breakfast–a bowl of cereal accompanied by orange
juice–because, for once I felt like I really really needed the nutrition.

In my nice, warm, comfy shower, I got to thinking, "The early hours are a
great time to work out. I ought to do this again sometime."

Now, I’m at work. And yes, I’m completely exhausted. Definitely nodding off.
Don’t ever let me do that again, okay?

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2 thoughts on “The Early Hours

  1. Unknown

    I\’m and early riser, but I just can\’t seem to work out in the A.M. eems like late morning is when I really like to get at it. Except for skiing, but with no snow this year, that\’s out. Never been much for swimming (hate public pools – little kids do nasty things in them – a recent visit to our nearby water park finally finished off my swimming ambitions), and I don\’t like riding in the dark. Trainer and treadmill are my options, along with the fitness center at the hospital were my wife works. Can\’t beat $12.00 a month for state-of-the-art facilities like that.

  2. uncadan8

    The early morning thing only works if you are also getting in the early bedtime. I like doing my training after work, but then, I get off at 2 PM. Summer time is awesome. A solid 7 hours of riding every day if I want it.

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