Did I mention?

My wife and I recently made an executive decision: internet is a luxury and
it costs too much. So basically, what that means is I’ll be trying to
squeeze blog entries in when nobody’s looking at work. I think that adds a
sort of secret-agent quality to the blog, don’t you?


Suit yourself.

I should mention that also means I won’t be leaving too many comments on my
blog–the fewer links there are between my work computer and my blog the
better. But don’t worry, hope is on the horizon: I’m looking at getting a
library card so I can use their internet.

Now are you seeing the secret-agent potential here?

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4 thoughts on “Did I mention?

  1. Unknown

    That\’s a tough decision – cutting off the net. We pay most of our bills, do our taxes, keep up on the kid\’s grades, book vacations, air travel, hotels, stay in touch w/ friends, coordinate events, e-mail photos to relatives and friends – all with out leaving the house. I sound like some sort of ad for internet, but it is a fact of daily life. Also, all the bike related info is priceless, as are the blogs. Our service dept just went paperless, EI the techs log on and off repairs, order parts, write repair decriptions ect. You have never seen fear like this in grown mens eyes. But, as I explained to them, it\’s just another tool. This is 2007, not 1950. I understand you think of it as a luxury, but the more I use it, the more it becomes a neccessity. I just wish I was a better typist. Hang in there, buddy, a solution will show up when you least expect it.

  2. Zed

    It does make a lot of things easier. I should clarify: my wife\’s still in college, so she has time during the day to spend at computer labs at school. I have the internet at work (which is slightly restricted and is monitored far too much), so I can do almost anything we need done from here too. The only thing I\’m really giving up is my internet play time, which usually consists of looking at things on eBay I can\’t afford anyway.That\’s the thing: somehow, the internet companies around here get away with charging you $40 a month for 300k or $35 for 125k. Ridiculous! I might look into a deal through my work today. I heard a rumor they have a cheaper high-speed internet available.

  3. Tim D

    Caloi, $40/month for 300K sounds astonishing.  I have a fairly expensive, but very reliable link and pay £20/month for 2Gbit unlimited download, including virus scanning and parental control.  I always thought the US was the leader in these things.   Hang in there, we appreciate your views.

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