Here’s a thought:

I’ve got to thank Jason for his comment (also for being the only one to comment lately) today, since it sparked an epiphany for today’s post. (Forgive me for being so zen and the art of riding a bike-ish lately, but I’m onto a deep thought now).

Somehow, Jason’s mention of accomplishments got me thinking about a completely unrelated subject: why doing a different race is so much darn fun. And, you know, my conclusion on the subject is this: (BOLDED FOR EMPHASIS) doing new races is so much darn fun because you don’t have a personal record to beat–whatever you do that minute IS your personal record for that course. And that’s a cool thought. At least, it is for me.

Okay, so bearing that in mind, maybe I want to switch things up a little this year. Perhaps, instead of doing the same old races I always do, I’ll do a bunch that are completely different. That’s not to say I won’t still do the local time trial series, cuz, hey, there’s a lot less time involved in that than there is in doing a three-hour group ride, but it is to say that I might not do Teton Pass this year.

I mean, what the heck, Botched might be doing the E100 50-miler the same day. Maybe I’ll give that a shot. It kinda sounds like fun.

The Lotoja relay would also be something different (and something I wouldn’t have to devote a whole lot of time to training for), so, for now, that one’s still on the calendar. I’ll have to scan the local race calendar and see what I can do.

Heck, there’s even a mountain bike triathlon I’ve thought about trying, just for kicks. I guess the point would just be to try something different–to set my own personal record at some different races.

One mountain bike race I’d love to do (but can’t because I have work obligations the same weekend) is the White Knob Challenge. I’ve heard it has a wicked awesome climb followed by a gnarly downhill (feel free to weigh in here, Jason, since you’ve actually done it). That just sounds sweet to me.

And it would be even sweeter to do all of the mtb races on this bike frame.

P.S. I don’t know if it’s Montezuma (or perhaps some character from the latest Mel Gibson film), but someone’s getting his revenge on me. I’ve experienced some serious gastrointestinal distress in the past three hours. Whew, I’ve lost three pounds in the past couple of hours and I haven’t done anything athletic in that time.


10 thoughts on “Here’s a thought:

  1. Jason

    The White Knob Challenge:
    Even though I had two flat comming down, the White Knob Challenge is by far one of the coolest races I\’ve ever done. A beautiful lung busting climb to the top of a large mountainous foothill is followed by miles of high speed, eye-blurring downhill (think everlasting roller coaster). This is a race that though not the longest is one to be cherished by all knobby tired bike bums and downhill speed addicts.
    Blue Bikes:
    I followed your link to the new all carbon Blue Bikes XC frame. It appears to be very sweet just from the looks and the geometry. I wonder how well it rides or how much it weighs? Heard of any reviews? 

  2. Tom Stormcrowe

    Sorry I haven\’t been popping in to say het, but I\’ve been swamped! I\’m having a heck of a time even getting in a decent post over at my blog! 😦 All these are worthy goals! Why stop with one? Matter of fact, I can give you a challenge, how is this?I\’m signed up with Tour de Cure, sign up for the nearest TdC event to you!  Here\’s the Idaho page about it, and meantime drop by my page as well!, I\’m nopt trying to spam your blog! :DSee ya, Tom

  3. Zed

    You\’re good, Tom. I know you\’re having a busy semester. How\’s your tech writing class going?Jason, I dunno too much about the Blue bike. I get the impression this year\’s model was actually their prototype. It\’s a sweet-lookin\’ frame, though, eh? Yeah, I\’d love to do the White Knob Challenge, but that\’s the one weekend when I know I\’ll have work obligations each year. I\’m just crossing my fingers and hoping they schedule it for a different weekend this year.

  4. Unknown

    all those races sound cool, I just wish we had different types of races\’s caloi jr. doing? I haven\’t been blogging for a LONG while.take care man.

  5. Zed

    Congrats, Tom! That\’s awesome. I hope my reading of your paper (that one time at the beginning of the semester) helped rather than hindered. But if it hindered, it doesn\’t sound like it hurt your grade much, eh?Tayfur- Hey, maybe you could do some trail exploration and start a race yourself. Yes, it would take tons of time and effort to get the sponsors and get permission to use the land, but it would be possible …But yeah, little Caloi-ette is doing great. She\’s actually laughing now, which is pretty exciting for us parents. How\’s your blog now? I\’ll have to come read.

  6. Unknown

    Crazy internet not allowing me to sign in.  Anyway, new races are fun, especially if you\’ve heard about them for a long time.  I just like to race, and sometimes being on a familiar course helps me.  Sometimes, nothing can.  Well, try to find the balance of new and old races, so that way you have some benchmarks to see how your season is going.

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