The Biggest Loser this week: My Bike

While buying a new racing hardtail is an attractive option, I have no intention of replacing my road bike anytime soon. See, while I did indeed purchase a rather heavyweight road bike (tipping the scale at about 20 pounds), I bought it knowing it had potential. With the mountain bike, replacing a bunch of parts would still maybe get me a 25-pounder–and that’s if I get some really nice and probably wildly expensive replacement parts. With the road bike, I already have a plan as to how I can trim it down a little, and I’m already having some success with that plan.


Take a look at the photo below and tell me if you see anything different. So you didn’t memorize the picture of my bike before, that’s okay. I’ll spoil the surprise.

My buddy Jason, who’s going to be racing semi-pro on the mountain bike next year, donated his old mountain bike saddle to me after replacing it with something more comfy. So I removed my 1-1.5-pound brick saddle and replaced it with his old 190-gram sliver. Believe it or not, I’ve actually been scanning eBay for months now looking for just such a seat, so this is a pretty welcome surprise. Now I only hope he gets a new frame to replace that pretty carbon hardtail he’s riding–yeah, right.

Anyway, what are my plans for future weight loss on the Cannondale? The number one priority will be lessening the spinning weight in the drive train–specifically, I’m hoping to get some lighter weight pedals, followed by a compact crank and a new bottom bracket. And of course that involves getting a new front derailleur. All of this will happen when I’m fabulously rich, of course. In the meantime, I can continue scheming …


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser this week: My Bike

  1. Unknown

    That saddle looks pretty light. If I tried sitting on it, I\’d probably get a sore bum after the fifth minute or so. And if you win the powerball or something you GOTTA get an FSA compact crank with FSA derailleur.tayfuryagci

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