Riding Blind

About a month ago, you may recall, I was just pulling out for a nice time trial ride on a Saturday morning, and when I pushed the button on my bike computer to reset it for the ride, and to my surprise, it leaped off the computer mount, bounced off the road, hit my wheel, skipped on the asphalt a few more times and bounced right into a canal. After making sure I could see it and it wasn’t going anywhere, I turned around and zoomed home for a swimsuit so I could fish it out of the four or five-foot-deep water (did I mention it was freezing cold?).
The computer looked like it was working fine, so I kept using it. I figured they made those things durable, and it’s not like it’s never been through a rainstorm before, so it was probably waterproof.
A few days ago, I pushed the button to get it to start timing my ride when it … did absolutely nothing. "Okay, so the button’s busted; no problem," I thought. No, despite my masculinity, I’m not much of a handyman, let alone an electronics guy, so I couldn’t figure out how to get it working again. Still, I figured I’d be able to use it to at least tell me how fast I was going, even if the other features weren’t working.
That’s what I figured anyway.
But then today, when I went for an uphill ride that usually gets me down to 10-15 mph, the speedometer registered about a 31-32 mph speed. Wow. I must be doing something right.
I think I found a more durable replacement computer for even less than this one cost on eBay. But I’m thinking I’ll probably wait until Christmas so I can recommend that item as a Christmas gift for a family member or something. Trouble is, that means a few months of having no clue how fast I’m riding. I have a feeling that could compromise training a little.
On the other hand, maybe it’s good that I don’t know how fast I’m going. After all, it’s tough to get disappointed in yourself when you have no idea how you’re doing, right?

3 thoughts on “Riding Blind

  1. BIg Mike In Oz

    You should have plenty of ride information from your training diary.  I ride the same 5 or 6 training rides over and over.  You can just time them on your watch or with the timer in your heart rate monitor.  That will tell you how the ride went overall and you can make notes about how different parts of the ride felt… climbing, headwind/tailwind.  Even time the main climb seperately.
    With no computer to bother you, you can concentrate more on your breathing, cadence, smooth pedalling, etc.  You might just surprise yourself.

  2. Unknown

    It seems the more I ride, the less I look at the computer. Just the average speed and distance, manly. BTW, Specialized has revamped their line, IE fixed their connection probelm, and have a nice basic model for $20.00. Trek also has a cheap model that works well on my trainer. My moto is quality over quantity, so info is usefull, but feel also counts. Some days are better than others, but they all count. My winter paln is XC  ski three times a week, tainer in the basement twice. I have so many options in this area that I never get bored, classic or skate. El Nino, bring on the snow !!!.
    Sorry to hog your blog.

  3. BIg Mike In Oz

    I just had a thought.  Quite handy really at the business end of the semester – except it\’s not even vaguely related to my course content.  Here\’s the thought: I just upgraded from Tiagra to Ultegra on my daily driver.  9spd to 10spd.  I have a 9spd Shimano Flight Deck that is now useless to me.  If you\’re running a Flight Deck compatible 9spd groupset email me and I\’ll find out the postage price.  Of course, you\’ll have to pay for the replacement battery I think I put in it at Easter as well.
    slimpedal at iinet dot net dot au

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