A little whine with my cheese

Outside I could hear the pitter patter of raindrops mixed with sleet
splattering on the ground and the metal carport in our parking lot. Yes, the
mercury has taken a dive lately–first a windstorm, then a rainstorm, then
sleet, and then temperatures cold enough to freeze the sleet overnight.
Unlike last year, however, I was comfortably indoors sweating off three
pounds of waterweight on my trainer. Not as good as the real thing, but
better than losing appendages to hypothermia.

However, I do have one complaint: (What are the chances that I can find the
dark cloud amid that blinding silver lining?)

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to switch tires off and on road
clinchers? Maybe it’s just new tires or something, but I always end up on
floor, squirming around with my wheel, tire and tire irons, my face red and
sweaty and the tips of my fingers almost bleeding … needless to say, it’s
not a pretty sight. Of course, my wife still thinks it’s funny.

Maybe it’s just that I grew up riding cheap bikes where you could almost
always remove the tire with your bare hands, but new road clincher tires are
a beast to switch out. "So why switch it out at all? Why not just leave the
same tire on when you use a trainer?" I hear you ask. Trainers, as I’m sure
you already know, eat up rubber much faster than asphalt. Why that is I’ll
never know.

Still, with that being my only complaint, and having a whole bunch of
plusses to go along with it, riding a trainer is still a positive for me.
We’ll see how I feel after a few months of it, but right now, I’m having a
good time with it.

P.S. We just talked to Mrs Caloi’s brother, who recently moved to Utah. I
guess they have some 5-mile monstrous climb near their place that they think
I need to come ride. So I might be in Utah in a couple of weekends doing
what’s supposed to be a sweet hill near Provo. FYI for all of you Utahns.

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One thought on “A little whine with my cheese

  1. Tim D

    Caloi, quite a few manufacturers do a turbo trainer specific tyre.  I\’ve heard goo things of the continental one.  With regard to getting tyres on and off, it is a rim maker versus tyre maker thing.  They both tend to be a bit vague in their sizing, so certain combinations are a pain.  Mavic rims and Hutchinson tyres need the strenght of the Hulk and thumbs of concrete to get them on.  I\’ve snapped a plastic tyre lever trying to get them off.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, I\’m not sure) the Hutchnson\’s are an excelent commuter tyre.
    Buy a cheap 2nd rear wheel and kit it out with a turbo tyre.

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