All kinds of semi-interesting news

Anybody remember me writing a blog about how the first time I raced Teton Pass I outsprinted a lady right at the finish line? Okay, she was about 33 at the time and had skied down the slopes of Denali (aka Mt McKinley) just months before that, but I still beat her that year. Guess what she’s doing this year: last I checked, she was headed for Everest Camp I, which is the last stop before charging the summit. And here’s the interesting part–she was last photographed hauling a pair of skis up with her, which means she may not be coming back down using the conventional route.
 So here’s some well-wishing to Kit DesLauriers and husband: Good luck becoming the first woman to ski down Mount Everest–Sagamartha, Chumalungma, whatever.
On an unrelated note …
Later this evening I headed to a gear swap at the local college. I’d heard a rumor the outdoor rental center was selling off full-suspension Trek Fuel 70’s (used ones) for $200. As it turns out, they were silently auctioning the bikes at a starting bid of $250. They were also auctioning a bunch of Trek 4500’s starting at $150. When I asked the guy about how thrashed the chainstays were (the paint wasn’t just rubbed off–the metal had obviously been clawed into), he said it was normal. When I told him I hadn’t see that on my bike in eight years, he said, "Well, you need to jump your bike a little more."
But I didn’t come away from the gear swap empty-handed. On the contrary, I made a purchase I want to ask your opinions on: I grabbed a pair of Tifosi Morph sunglasses–including the case and three interchangeable lenses. I already know how much I paid for them, but how much would you guys have paid? What do you think they’re worth?
The only reason I ask is because this was one of those check-with-my-wife-and-try-not-to-feel-guilty type purchases. If you can’t relate to that type of purchase, you either aren’t married or don’t ride a bike. So follow the link and tell me what you think. Think of it as a nifty little game of "The Price is Right" (TM).

3 thoughts on “All kinds of semi-interesting news

  1. Unknown

    I paid 30.95 on sale for my Morphs at my local lbs a year ago. I wear \’em every day, they still look like new, and I prefer them to the other high end specs I\’ve tried. The stem broke off of my Gargoyles, Killer Loops were stolen, lost some Bolles. I paid the least for the Tifosis (Italian for fan, BTW), and like them the best. I just jinxed them for sure.

  2. Zed

    That\’s pretty close to what I paid for them–$26.40. Not a bad deal, really. They\’re pretty sharp glasses. But they\’re also my first pair of really decent sunglasses.

  3. uncadan8

    I was gonna guess about $30 since that is what I paid for a similar set of shades. Of course, they are jsut Performance brand, but they work for me. Nothing quite like a bug in your eye!

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