Every time I think about ditching my blog …

I come up with a good idea for an entry. Figures.
You might have noticed that I’ve yapped a lot about weight loss despite being a mere 140 pounds. Why? Here’s the gist: I have a co-worker (whom I work all day with) who has lost 100 pounds in the past 18 months–good for him. His trouble is that he’s now landed on a plateau. He’s been at the same weight for a number of months now, and he’s starting to worry he’ll never get moving again.
So, being the considerate co-worker I consider myself to be, I cracked open my college Health & Wellness textbook (from Fit For Life 101, a required course) and started reading the weight management section. I found some interesting stuff in there about things like the basal metabolic rate, why most diets don’t work, etc. I also read an interesting little passage that states that certain studies indicate weight lost by exercise tends to stay off more than weight lost by dietary changes. Interesting, especially since I’d once read on MSN that only minimal weight can be lost with mere cardiovascular exercise. I also read, in the textbook, that if one loses more than a pound or two a week, the weight lost will most likely return. Also interesting.
So I’ve become something of a connoiseur of weight loss information lately. I don’t know that all of it is good information–seems to me you sometimes just need some good ol’-fashioned self denial–but I try to be discerning in what I read.
I also have a little bit of experience with the subject (not too much): the two times when I lost the most weight and had it stay off were when I broke my jaw (go figure that my calorie count would drop when all I have to live on is soup, milkshakes and the occasional cup of gravy), and when I started cycling (I also started eating an overwhelmingly healthy assortment of foods at the time–breads, fruits, and fish–while abstaining from soda, hamburger, most cheese, and greasy food in general). Looking back, I found myself stricken with how difficult it was to get fat on my body during the busted jaw month–I was chugging at least one milkshake per day, which usually included chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate meal powder, and the occasional banana. Even though I’d heard the term "milkfat" before, I certainly didn’t have any after my jaw was unwired.
Since then, I’ve had this idea in my head that you simply can’t get fat by drinking milkshakes. I’m aware that most parents disagree with me, but now I have research to back it up. Yes, it’s true, I read this whole article thinking, "I knew it," the whole way through.
But yeah, if you’re trying to keep the winter pounds off, you might want to keep the dairy levels high.

4 thoughts on “Every time I think about ditching my blog …

  1. Jill

    I think this idea would work for the same reason the Atkins diet works. When you severely limit your food choices, you essentially become sick of eating the same old foods and, by default, eat less and lose weight. You can only eat so much dairy. Believe me. I\’ve seen it. I\’ll never forget the disgusting aftermath of the time a friend of mine chugged a gallon of milk on a dare.
    I\’ll always be a subscriber to the calories in, calories out method. But I do think single option diets – whether grapefruit, meat of milkshakes – will help people lose weight. But only as long as people can ward off the natural desire for variety, which is never forever.

  2. Zed

    Yep, a little ol\’-fashioned self-denial.
    Chugging a gallon of milk in a single helping is absolutely disgusting, which is why I\’ve made sure to avoid getting roped into such dares and bets. Yech! That\’s the only real problem with dairy: it causes you to be a little too mucousy. I will forever avoid milk at least 24 hours before bike races and any other semi-important physical activities, but it\’s a decent recovery tool.
    Yeah, going against the dairy diet, I have a friend who grad\’ed in dietetics from ISU, and she has at least a few reasons why adults shouldn\’t be drinking cow milk at all–period. So I suppose there are two sides to every coin, eh?

  3. Tim D

    This reminds me of the old joke
    Two Irish guys sitting in a bar
    1st Guy, reading from the paper "Says here that there\’s enought nutrition for a man to live off in 12 pints of Guiness and a pint of milk every day"
    2nd Guy " Yeah, but who could drink a pint of milk every day"

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