Memo-Random: to the Euskaltel-Euskadi Team

I’ve been watching this Vuelta rather closely, as I know you have too, to see if a certain someone actually lives up to his billing. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened, and I think now’s the time to pull the plug.
Yes, Iban, we thought it was cute the way you won Alp D’Huez a few years ago, the way you toppled over Armstrong as he was downed by that fan’s bag, the way you won the Dauphine in 2004 and even managed to snatch a stage of it this year. But face the facts, Iban, you’re getting creamed out there. Perhaps you should’ve been happy with winning the Dauphine instead of trying to dethrone the Boss at the Tour. Perhaps you should’ve spent some time training in the off-season instead of relying on your dimples to win over your predominately female fan-base.
Maybe, just maybe then you wouldn’t have run out of steam after just a few kilometers in today’s stage. You remember? I’m refering to that moment when you turned to stone and watched forty of your closest buddies pass you. Okay, so I probably wouldn’t have been one of those buddies. So what.
Euskaltel: Again, you’ve got a high-GC team member (whom I’ve never heard of before, but that’s okay) you can turn the team leadership over to–Samuel Sanchez. I mean, after all, why sacrifice everything when you have so much more going for you? The coolness (or gaudiness, depending on who you talk to) of your team uniforms, the support of the roudiest bunch of fans in Europe, heck, you probably even have the backing of a few Basque mob-like separatist groups. Salvage that stuff. It’s worth it.
Iban, bummer man. But hey, you’ll always have the Dauphine.

4 thoughts on “Memo-Random: to the Euskaltel-Euskadi Team

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