Go Tom, Go!

Okay, I take back any unkind things I’ve said about pro cycling lately. Today’s stage of the Vuelta was awesome–even from live updates on cyclingnews. Don’t tell my boss, but it was the best part of my work morning (I know, I’m such a rebel, huh?). It had me frantically hitting the update button down to the last minute to find out if Tom managed to get away from Vino for the stage win.
I chimed in right as Danielson was cresting that last climb with Vino charging ahead after him. Valverde had bridged up to Vino, but the Kazakh suddenly took off and ditched the Spaniard. And it was about then that I caught myself thinking, "Rats, that crazy GC contenda’s going to take away Tom’s chance for a stage win. That’s no good." The cyclingnews commentator very accurately described Vino as descending "like a demon," adding "he will catch Danielson soon, methinks."
So here it was, the end of the stage, Thomas charging hard–seeming to maintain his gap of about 30 seconds. And then I hit the update button again and found Vino closing the gap. Freaky. "Catch his draft, if you have to, Tom!"
I hit the update button again. Nothing new.
"C’mon! What is this? Where are they?"
Another update. Vino caught Tom and they’re working together. 2 km to go!
Again. Nothing new. I’m growling under my breath. "C’mon, he’s worked so hard, and you don’t need the stage win, Vino."
One more click

5 thoughts on “Go Tom, Go!

  1. Zed

    You should\’ve seen the weird looks I got from my co-workers when I raised my hands and audibly mumbled, "YES!" I haven\’t been that excited about a sporting event in a long time.

  2. Iain

    How did you explain your outbursts?

    I luckily managed to listen to the audio coverage on my headset at work. Even Sean Kelly sounded a little excited, so it must have been something special.

  3. Zed

    Actually, most people where I work have no clue what I do or who I am or any of that, so I really just had to explain it to the girl in the cubicle next to me. I had to do most of the explaining long before Tom won.
    "So there\’s this guy named Tom … went over the climb first on a solo breakaway–like where he\’s out in front by himsef … got chased on the descent by this scary Kazakhstani … now he\’s charging for the line … YES!"
    I could be wrong, but I think she actually thought it was interesting.

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