Lessons learned …

I’ve learned that it is indeed possible to ride your bike after having kids. It just isn’t super-easy. I went out for time trial practice on Saturday and immediately noticed that I was holding a speed about 1-2 mph slower than I had only a few weeks ago. "Maybe the wind is blowing harder," I thought to myself. I would’ve expected to be quicker on the climbs since I also lost 2-3 pounds during the whole giving birth process (I’ll tell you my secrets later, I swear).
Then, yesterday, I was reading through training information on Mountain Bike Action Magazine‘s web site. Somewhere in there I came across one artcle that said something about how it takes two weeks of slacking off to really damage your training regimen. Yep, that’s about how much time off I took with the baby.
But yeah, I’ve already started brainstorming next season, and here’s what I’m thinking: I have time to do some time trial practice–three to four hours a week–so I might just try to target the State Time Trial in June next year. Maybe. I also really enjoyed doing the moutain bike thing, but I don’t really have time to train for anything too big. Still, I’d like something that will get me out and riding a little more in the summer, so, provided the Teton Pass Climb is still scheduled on a Sunday next year, I’m thinking about doing the 100 km (62-mile) course of the E100, which, interestingly enough, was won by my cousin-in-law this year. And while we’re at it, I’m hoping I can actually pull off talking someone into doing Lotoja with me, perhaps just in a relay team.
How’s that sound to you guys?

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