Don’t tell Oscar Freire …

… but I am much more interested in the Mountain Bike World Championship and the Mt Washington Hillclimb than I am in the Euro Roadie scene at the moment.

By the way, enjoy a photo of yours truly out on our local mtb scene:


18 thoughts on “Don’t tell Oscar Freire …

  1. Iain

    Can\’t blame you Caloi, since all the hype of the Tour de France everything else seems a little bland. Maybe the Vuelta will re-kindle the fire.

    Great pic by the way, looks like some great trails over there.

  2. BotchedExperiment

    Yes, Mrs. Caloi delivered a baby girl a couple days ago (lost the e-mail, crap).
    Caloi is having trouble connecting to the blog. . .

  3. Zed

    Congratulations, Botched.
    Sorry, all, I\’ve been trying to avoid blogging from work, and my home computer\’s been in bad shape lately.
    I\’ll blog when I get everything worked out, I swear!

  4. Unknown
  5. Unknown

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