It finally came today …

Yep, my first piece of carbon fiber arrived from UPS today. But because I don’t yet have the technology to show it to you on this blog entry, I’m not going to. Any guesses as to what arrived?

P.S. No, I’m still waiting on the much-more-important arrival that should be coming this week. Apparently the stork is running late.

P.P.S. Okay, sorry to spoil the surprise, but it’s a riser handlebar. Although Tim D was really close with his guess of a carbon fiber saddle bag.

"Why a riser bar?" you ask? Actually, that’s part of the reason I bought it. My back hurt so much after only five laps of the E100 12-hour that I decided to try something with a slightly more upright position. I don’t know yet if it will really help, but I’m hoping.


7 thoughts on “It finally came today …

  1. Tim D

    Iain, you\’re showing your Britishness there, they\’ll have to rush to the translating dictionary.  I bet you\’ve gone for a carbon fibre saddlebag.  All the style of the Carradice Nelson Longflap at a quarter of the weight.

  2. BotchedExperiment

    Nice call. I\’d like to get a carbon riser bar too.
    good luck with the baby. Due the 16th, right?

  3. Zed

    Iain- I\’m afraid Tim\’s right, what\’s a pram? I\’ve never encountered that word before.
    Botched- thanks. I\’m not sure it would\’ve quite done the trick at the 12-hour, but it does feel a little smoother.
    Tim- you may have just stumbled onto a brilliant entrepreneurial idea! I say we start manufacturing those at once. We can charge an arm and a leg for \’em.
    Tom- Close, but no handlebar cigar. Ooo, a fork, that\’s not a bad idea, though.

  4. Iain

    Caloi, a pram is an old English word for a baby buggy, it\’s a shortening of perambulator!
    I wonder what a Cannondale one would look like? Fast, no doubt.

  5. uncadan8

    Hey Caloi, just wanted to let you know I am back to blogging. Busy, busy, busy. Anyway, you may want to give those adjustments as much testing as you can. I have been experiencing back pain all summer from riding the new C-dale. With each adjustment things get a little better. The last adjustment was to move the seat forward quite a bit to match the knee-over-pedal position of my old C-dale, on which I had almost no back issues. We\’ll see…

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