“Weekend Extra” Preview …

I’m pretty excited for tomorrow’s mtb ride. It seems every time I get up into Kelly Canyon, I have some sort of weird semi-adventure, and last week was no exception. Allow me to elaborate:

I’d been having a great workout on Saturday. After riding the initial 40-minute climb with no problems, I was starting to think I’d have a letter day on all of these trails. I was coming up my second climb–a set of granny gear switchbacks on the backside of the ski hill–when I saw a pair of horseback riders (accompanied by horses, go figure) on their way down the same climb. At that moment, perhaps because my concentration was drawn away from the dirt under my tire, my front wheel washed out on some gravel–and it wasn’t even on a technical part of the ride!

As I was standing there getting recouped, one of the horseback riders starting talking to me:

"What color is the sky?" she asked.

"Blue," I responded with a puzzled look on my face.

"What color is the grass?"


She must think I bumped my head or something, I speculated.

"It’s afraid of you."

"The sky’s afraid of me?" Is this what mental patients do on the weekends?

"She’s afraid of you," she motioned to her horse as I had a sudden "ah-ha" revelatory moment. "If you just talk, she’ll realize that you’re a person and not something she has to be afraid of. You can talk about anything–it can be nonsense or whatever–what color is the sky?"

"Ah, I see."

I guess you just never know what you’re going to run into on these trails during this time of year. Suddenly, the weather’s hot and everyone’s out here. And who can blame them? I finally got in some exploring on Saturday, and I discovered a bunch of really scenic trails I didn’t know about, right out to the borderline of Targhee National Forest. To my shock and amazement, there really is some technical trailage out there. I can only hope to figure out how to use the camera so I can show you details this time.

As an aside, I want you to know that I did check into the price of a brand-new Cannondale Rush 400 today. The best offer the shop could give me was $1,200. I realize that’s dirt cheap (especially for a top-of-the-line frame), but purchasing one of those would mean saving up my cash for the next six months, minimum. That’s not too far-fetched, eh?


4 thoughts on ““Weekend Extra” Preview …

  1. Tim D

    I always call out to horse riders for this reason.  A startled or frightened horse can do some damage and you never know how good the rider is.
    Have you had a look at the Giant Trance range.  Prices are falling here and they offer great value.

  2. BIg Mike In Oz

    If I need a bike part I don\’t even have to go to the financial controller.  If I do try to ask first I get something like "Whatever, mumble, mumble, as long as the bike works so you get out of the house."  Apparently cycling is relaxing for her too.

  3. Zed

    Tim- hey, thanks for the tip. I\’ve never heard of a Giant Trance before. So I suppose I\’ll have to check \’em out.

    BIg Mike- So perhaps if I wait for a couple of years for my wife to get stressed out, I can swing something like that? Hmmm. I wonder what I can do to be obnoxious.

    Mags- there are all kinds of weirdos around here, so I was a little suspicious.
    If you ever come to visit, you\’ll see what I mean.

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